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Global Supply Chain


Global Supply Chain

At Divgi TTS we seek to propel our business goals and long-range plans by building and cementing effective long-term relationships with our suppliers. Improving process efficiency, reducing waste and cutting costs with uncompromising quality serves to be the backbone of our global SCM team. We imbue creativity and innovation to adapt to the ever-changing customer needs and market trends to incorporate superior technology in our products. We appreciate the commitment and unwavering support of our suppliers on current projects and welcome potential suppliers from across the globe on-board for the fulfillment of future project needs.

Planning & Strategy - Divgi TTS believes in providing equal opportunities to diverse business enterprises in pursuit of quality products managed through a smooth network. If you are a certified business owner, please fill out the appropriate information in our Supplier Enquiry Form and the SCM team at Divgi TTS will be duly notified.

Supplier Code of Conduct - These values and beliefs form the cornerstone of our culture and we seek these integral tenets to be set as a precedent to be strictly adhered to in the conduct of our business with suppliers.

Supplier Expectations - We share a passion for excellence in the engagement of every business activity and intend to incorporate a multiplier effect in our value stream by dealing with credited and trustworthy suppliers of materials, goods and services.

Supplier Manual - The foundation of any business that we engage with a supplier is based on the requirements as outlined in the Divgi TTS Supplier Manual.

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Supplier Capability Maturity Model – Case Study at Divgiwarner

Abhijeet Pingale and Deepak Vani, DivgiWarner Pvt Ltd.

Published 09/13/2011