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Electrical Vehicle Transmission

The Electric Vehicle Transmission represents next generation of technology developed for adaptability across a broad range of applications for the emerging electric vehicle market.

Key Features

  • High efficiency helical gear train for extended electric driving capacity

  • Adaptable motor flange interface for ease of motor integration

  • Installation orientations from 10 to 90 degrees

  • Wide range of gear reduction ratios for optimum vehicle acceleration and enhanced speed

  • Electronic park-pawl actuation for electric shift-by-wire for the park lock system


Configuration Part-Time, Single Offset
Mass* 30 Kg*
Speeds Single
Reduction ratios 6.0 - 10.0
Efficiency >97%
Rated input torque** 200 Nm continuous (300 Nm peak)
Max input speed ~ 14,000 rpm
Center distance 210 mm
Lubrication Splash
Park lock system Actuation: Electronic (integral to transmission), Response: 350 ms
E-machine interface Adaptable flange


Configuration Single Speed
Reducer Ratios 8.0 - 12.00
Speeds Single
Efficiency >97%
Motor Rating 60 KW
Rated input torque** 46 Nm con (110 Nm peak)
Max input speed ~ 14,000 rpm
Center distance 161 mm
Lubrication Splash
Park lock system
Actuation: Electronic
Weight ~ 18 kg
E-machine interface 2 piece construction