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Dual Clutch Transmission

India’s first truly indigenous  7-speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmissions System

The Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) uses two separate wet clutches for odd and even gears in synchromesh. The gears are actuated hydraulically by an Electronic Control Unit. The DCT comes in different variants designed for handling engine torque capacities between 200 Nm and 400 Nm and is most suitable on sedans and crossover vehicles.

Key Features

  • Designed for 200Nm to 400Nm. input torque for 1st to 7th gear.
  • Harmonic, progressive ratio stepping for high driving comfort.
  • Power shift on all gears including double and skip shifts for best performance and comfort.
  • Future ready and design protected for hybridization.
  • Proven software and TCU hardware
  • Wet-Clutch DCT offers an array of advantages like:
    – Higher torque transfer
    – Constant friction coefficient (easier to control and more robust)
    – Smoother torque transfer
    – Robust against temperature and other environmental influences
    – Reduced drag torque due to waved friction plate design
    – High durability
    – Better reliability
  • Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) controls the clutches, gear shifting and cooling/lubrication.
  • Free selection of gears for fast and smooth shifting
  • Can be equipped with mechanical and/or mechanical pump system.


Drive train Front 2WD, Option : 4WD
Torque Capacity 260Nm to 350Nm
Gears 7 front, 1 reverse
Total spread ratio 1st Gear – 16.485, Spread - 6.9
Clutch Nested Wet Dual Clutch
Clutch and Gear actuation Electro hydraulic
Overall Dimensions 388 x 567 x 487 mm
Weight (w/o oil / DMF) ~ 80 Kg
Centre Shaft Distance 197mm
Park Lock Actuation Park by cable/ wire
Gear Ratios Option 1 Option 2
1st 14.3622 16.485
2nd 8.975 10.095
3rd 5.958 6.702
4th 4.257 4.886
5th 3.349 3.845
6th 2.694 3.030
7th 2.123 2.389
Rev 11.889 13.647
Final Drive 1 3.895 4.471
Final Drive 2 3.217 3.619