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6 Speed Manual Transmission

The 6MT420 6-speed Manual Transmissions is the latest product from Divgi-TTS. It has been designed and developed entirely in-house by leveraging all of Divgi-TTS’ decades of design and manufacturing experience in the Torque Transfer technology space for the Indian market. The 6MT420 can handle engine torque capacities up to a maximum of 420 Nm and is best suited for sedans and crossover vehicles.

Key Features:

Centre Distance: 82 mm
Synchronizer Technology: Steel-based, carbon-lined, Single, Dual and Triple Cone Systems
Speed Gears: Heat-treated Chrome Manganese Steel with options of Shaving and Honing
Configuration: 2 Shaft Design, 2 piece housing construction
1st and 2nd gear position Triple cone synchronizer
3rd and 4th gear position Dual cone synchronizer
5th, 6th and Rev position Single cone synchronizer


Product Code 6MT420
Product Description 6 Speed Manual Transmission
Maximum Torque Capacity 420 Nm
Speeds 6 Forward and 1 Reverse
1st Gear 4.443
2nd Gear 2.415
3rd Gear 1.596
4th Gear 1.223
5th Gear 1.000
6th Gear 0.806
Reverse Gear 3.938