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about usThe Divgi group was established in 1964. Our spirit of innovation has driven breakthrough technologies and cutting-edge solutions in 4-wheel drive systems, automatic and manual transmission catering to an expanding global customer base.

We are a Tier 1 product leader in automotive drivetrain components and solutions with over fifty years of manufacturing expertise.
We provide world class torque transfer and transmission solutions to OEMs encompassing utility, passenger, commercial, electric and agriculture vehicles in India and across the globe.
We design & develop, market & sell and supply & support products customized to Indian and international customer requirements.
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Areas of Excellence

Product Engineering

Our product engineering division specialize in design and development of rear wheel and front wheel drive solutions for a wide variety of vehicle architectures. We cater the application of such technologies to suit our customers requirements.

Manufacturing Engineering

With over 20 years of expertise in the manufacturing of automotive drivetrain components & solutions, Divgi TTS has honed its skills in manufacturing engineering to a fine art. We focus on design optimization to deliver superior quality products to our customers.


To achieve the flawless quality and customer satisfaction, organisation follow robust manufacturing systems, which is recognized as Divgi -TTS Production system. It consists of 7 foundational elements and 23 tactical strategies.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Systems Basics (QSB) forms the pillar of Divgi TTS Production Systems. It has, over the years propelled the commitment and drive of the team to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Global Supply Chain

At Divgi TTS we seek to propel our business goals and long-range plans by building and cementing effective long-term relationships with our suppliers. Improving process efficiency, reducing waste and cutting costs with uncompromising quality serves to be the backbone of our global SCM team.


Each industry sector has its own demands and every business operates in it own unique way. We understand that various industries have specific requirements and challenges. Discover industries and business verticals we specialise in.

Products We Offer

Corporate Social

We believe that being
compassionate is not
ONE giant step –
it is a lot of little steps.

At Divgi TTS – being compassionate
is a way of life. Helping build the
community around us has been
effortlessly driven through various
projects that has brought
positive and vibrant changes
in innumerable lives.

Our Global Presence

We have world class state-of-art facilities in India.
Manufacturing Facilities
Supported by Individual and Organizational Competencies
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