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Mechanical Shift Transfer Case

The Mechanical Shift Transfer Case is typically installed in part-time four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles such as trucks and rock-crawling automobiles. It allows the driver to select ‘2WD v/s 4WD’ as well as ‘high v/s low gear’ ranges (as per the road conditions) with the help of a mechanical lever to provide optimum traction and stability while driving.

Key Features

  • Part-time system allows driver to select two or four-wheel drive operation
  • Lightweight construction reduces total vehicle weight to enhance fuel efficiency
  • HY-VO® Chain-driven output provides a quiet, four-wheel drive operation
  • Upper disconnect to chain stops unnecessary parasitic losses in two-wheel drive
  • Positive displacement oil pump and filter assures full lubrication when driving or towing while reducing need for maintenance
  • Helical gearing delivers a quiet, high & low range operation
  • Single lever shift control simplifies selection of transfer case operating modes


Configuration Part-Time, Single Offset
High Range 1 : 1
Low Range 2.48 : 1
Low Range Configuration Helical 6 Pinion
Offset Right / Left
Lube System Gerotor Pump
Fluid Type ATF
Housing Material Aluminium
Dry Weight (Kg) 29.9
Fluid Capacity (L) 1.2
Typical GVW Rating (Kgs) 2500
Shift Control Shift Lever
Shift Pattern 2H - 4H - N - 4L
2H - 4H (Optional)
Single Speed Optional