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Electric Shift-on-the-Fly Transfer Case

The Electric-Shift-on-the-fly (ESOF) is typically installed in part-time four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles such as pickup trucks and rock-crawling automobiles. However, with a 16-bit/ 32-bit CAN -enabled Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that provides mechanism to select between 2WD and 4WD as well as between high and low gear ranges with an electrical switch, the ESOF provides a much more enhanced traction and stability over the Mechanical Shift Transfer Case. The ESOF is available in several variants.

Key Features

  • Part-time system allows driver to select two or four-wheel drive operation

  • Lightweight construction reduces total vehicle weight to enhance fuel efficiency

  • HY-VO® Chain-driven output provides a quiet, four-wheel drive operation

  • Upper disconnect to chain stops unnecessary parasitic losses in two-wheel drive

  • Positive displacement oil pump and filter assures full lubrication when driving or towing while reducing maintenance needs

  • Helical gearing delivers a quiet, high & low range operation

  • Electric shift control simplifies selection of transfer case operating modes

  • Electromagnetic shift-on-the-fly provides smooth engagement of four-wheel drive at highway speeds


Configuration Part-Time, Single Offset
High Range 1 : 1
Low Range 2.48 : 1
Low Range Configuration Helical 6 Pinion
Offset Right / Left
Lube System Gerotor Pump
Fluid Type ATF
Housing Material Aluminium
Dry Weight (Kg) 31
Fluid Capacity (L) 1.2
Typical GVW Rating (Kgs) 2500
Shift Control Selector Switch / CAN
Shift Pattern 2H/ Auto/ 4H & 4L through ECU