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Torque on Demand Transfer Case

Torque-On-Demand® (TOD®) is a transfer case that provides active ‘on-demand’ all-wheel drive capability. The TOD transfer case combines on-road handling of a rear-wheel drive with all-terrain competency. It uses a proprietary electronic control unit and software to monitor signals available from different controllers and automatically deliver the precise amount of torque needed to the front and/or rear axle. By predicting slip and providing preemptive torque, TOD technology improves vehicle dynamics, increases stability, and enhances driver comfort. The performance remains top-of-the-line under all weather conditions, both on highways and off-road. The TOD is available in single-speed and two-speed variants.

Key Features

  • Provides controlled torque to the front axle via modulation of a patented electromagnetic clutch

  • Potential for improved fuel economy over traditional passive full-time systems

  • Also available in Electronic Shift-on-the-fly configuration in 2H/ Auto/ 4H & 4L through ECU


Type Full-time Transfer Case
Applied Technology Torque-on-Demand
Offset Single, Left Hand Drop
# of Speeds Two
Low Range Ratio 1:2.48 (2-speed); 1:1 (1-speed)
Lube System Active, Forced Lubrication
Fluid Type ATF
Housing Material Aluminium
Dry Weight (Kg) 40.0
Fluid Capacity (L) 1.30
Drop Angle 27° to 40°
Center Distance 242.8mm