Product Engineering


Product Engineering

Our product engineering division specialize in design and development of rear wheel and front wheel drive solutions for a wide variety of vehicle architectures. We cater the application of such technologies to suit our customers’ requirements. Our diverse product portfolio is testimony to our superior design and development capabilities.

A systematic development approach involves –

  • Concept design – Accurate and rapid design of driveline systems from scratch.
  • Application engineering – Design by finite element analysis, stress, fatigue life evaluation and packing design
  • Prototype development – Rapid development of concept prototype with technologically superior processes with wide skilled supplier base
  • Design validation and testing – Digital analysis and rig level validation


1. Tools


Our designing process involves systematic steps including modeling, simulation, stack analysis, verification and validation of the product. We employ several design development tools as required by the precise specifications of customers

Design Tools


Design Simulation


2. Capabilities & Validation Testing


Dynamic deflection depicting bending

Gear load tooth contact analysis depicting gear misalignment, transmission error analysis and optimization

Power Flow Analysis

Temperature Stabilization
Lube Volume & Distribution
Clutch Characterization
Strength, Torsion and Fatigue Test
NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) Tests