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Automatic Locking Hub

The Auto Locking Hub (ALH) enables connection and disconnection of the ‘free-wheeling’ system with the active drive system when switching between two-wheel and all-wheel drive modes.

Shifting to the all-wheel drive mode connects the front propeller shaft and the axle shafts to the other moving members of the drive system. Likewise, the front wheels and front axle shafts disconnect when shifting back into the two-wheel drive mode returning the front wheel to the ‘free-wheeling’ condition.


Key Features

  • Stops unnecessary parasitic losses in the two-wheel drive

  • Provides engagement of four-wheel drive at highway speeds

  • Black powder coated with choice of aluminum decorative plate


Input Configuration Female splines
Output Configuration Bolted flange
Locking & Unlocking 90°(clock wise and counter clock wise)
Weight (Kg) 1.75
Typical GVW Rating (Kgs) 2500
Housing Material Heat treated medium carbon steel