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Nilesh Shukla

Nilesh Shukla

Head - Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Nilesh Shukla

Head - Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Nilesh is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering & Production Engineering (Hons) – Mumbai University with post-graduate in Management stream of Marketing & Finance from NMIMS University – Mumbai.

With over three decades of industry experience with Mahindra, AAM, Mahindra CIE Automotive and Bharat Forge, Nilesh has acquired vast domestic experience in transmission engineering graduating general management and leadership roles in product development and global exposure covering USA, Germany, Mexico, China and South Africa for advanced transmission engineering.

Nilesh heads and steer advanced manufacturing technology deployment for Divgi-TTS’ new Products and Process Development and reports to Jiten.

In his free time, Nilesh loves to play cricket, travel and practice meditation.