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Gopal Dalvi

Gopal Dalvi

Group Head-HR and OD
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Gopal Dalvi

Group Head-HR and OD

Educational Qualifications and current assignment in the company :

Gopal, a Diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering from Govt Polytechnic, Kolhapur and an Executive-MBA from Pune University joined the company in August 2007. He heads the Human Resource and OD function of the Divgi Group and steers talent management, development, and engagement activities.
He is also in charge of administration activities of the organization.

Earlier Experience :

With his long 26-year stint in automotive organizations, Gopal has diversified, techno-HR work experience – from Production in earlier assignments to Quality Systems and Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) at Divgi-TTS. In 2012, he took the opportunity to move into Human Resources within the organization to pursue his interests in working on people-oriented processes.

Prior to Divgi-TTS, Gopal was with Hitachi Astemo Fie (then Keihin Fie) and Spicer India Limited.

External Certifications :

Gopal has participated in and completed the Management Development Program and the Finance Acumen Program for business leaders from Tata Management Training Center (TMTC), Pune.

He is a co-author of Divgi’s research paper on “Operator Education and Licensing” published by Society of Automobile Industries (SAE).

Recreational Activities :

Gopal loves to read and has special interest in Marathi literature. In his free time, he enjoys watching TV shows, preferably debates (charcha) on Indian politics.