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The NexTrac® Interactive Torque Coupler senses the torque requirement & transfers the necessary torque to the rear wheels when wheels start slipping on the surface in the front-wheel drive-based all-wheel drive vehicles.

The NexTrac® employs the latest generation electromagnetic actuation system for direct actuation of the primary clutch. The functionality is delivered in conjunction with another complementary unit called the Power Transfer Unit (PTU).

Key Features

  • Weight: 6-9 kilograms & overall length:180-200mm

  • Torque: 500 N-m to 1600 N-m

  • Input configuration: Flange

  • Output configuration: Splines

  • Housing material: Aluminum

  • Shift control: Automatic through ECU, CAN-controlled

  • Modes: Auto and ‘smart’ lock system

  • Four-wheel traction in mere seconds


Best-in-class: Drag, Size,Mass, Torque
Electronic torque delivery to slipping wheels
Flexible adaptation- Near PTU,CB Joint, Rear differential
Self-contained coil
Preemptive and Reactive/Slip control Torque Management system
Oil Filled for life