Divgi TorqTransfer Systems (Divgi-TTS) is India’s leading provider of Automotive Powertrain Solutions and Products. It specializes in Four-Wheel Drive and Synchronizer System Solutions and brings its over 50 years of manufacturing experience in automotive transmission and leadership in powertrain products and components to position itself as an end-to-end supplier of specialized and highly engineered solutions tailored to Indian and international customer requirements.

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems develops and supplies transmission and transfer case components, subsystems, and complete systems for various automotive applications for small cars, utility vehicles and commercial vehicles. The products portfolio includes a whole range of transfer cases, automatic locking hubs, synchronizer systems with carbon composite friction material and various transmission components. In addition, we are well equipped in terms of knowledge and investments to support programs on the development and supply of Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions, DHT’s, or on BEV transmissions and components. Many of the products mentioned above are under development and are to be added to our product portfolio.

Divgi-TTS, an ISO/TS 16949 Certified Company, continues to leverage the considerable indigenous expertise acquired in the domain of all-wheel drive and transmission synchronizer systems technologies to provide world-class Torque Transfer and Transmission Solutions to top OEMs in India and across the globe.

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