Divgi TorqTransfer Systems has built a diverse products range that address the entire spectrum of the Auto, Commercial and Industrial segment of the automotive industry. These include top-of-the line world-class Torque Transfer products for 4WD applications for both vehicle architectures – RWD and FWD – and Transmission Products – Manual and Dual-Clutch for markets in India and globally. Divgi TorqTransfer Systems also manufactured high-precision and specialized components for supply to BorgWarner and other prestigious customers across the world.

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems offers solutions to diverse industry segments that span Auto, Agriculture, Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Industry segments – cutting-edge technology products for 4WD applications on RWD and FWD vehicle architectures and Transmission technologies for clutching superiority, gear synchronization comforts as well as transmissions for electric vehicles that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance.

Capitalizing on the technological leadership of BorgWarner in powertrain products and its in-house strengths in design, development, testing and manufacturing, Divgi TorqTransfer Systems has built solutions that are applicable to a for diverse application base; from light-duty mini-vans and trucks to medium-duty compact sedans and SUVs to heavy-duty commercial vehicles

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems solutions span diverse geographic locations across several continents and countries including Korea, China, Thailand, UK, Russia and the USA.