Divgi-TTS prides itself in manufacturing quality products to exacting standards which is evident in TS 16949 Certifications – a key requirement of the fulfillment of customer-specific requirements - been awarded to all of Divgi-TTS’s manufacturing facilities for Quality Management Systems. The Certifications demonstrate Divgi-TTS’s commitment to quality and maintenance of standards at the highest levels, its grasp on control over its engineering, manufacturing, continuous improvement, and employee involvement exhibiting a high level of customer understanding and perception.
The Quality Management System has been practiced through the implementation of manufacturing techniques such as

Divgi-TTS Production System (DiPS) adapted from the robust Toyota Production System that helps continually improve the standard processes and procedures, so as to ensure robust & precise quality as well as other elements such as Program Management, Problem solving and Traceability that improve efficiency and eliminate waste from within the manufacturing processes.

Lean Manufacturing that helps reduce inventory

Quality Systems Basics – Ten key initiatives are taken to establish world-class quality such as Fast Response Meetings, Non-Conforming Product Control, Error-proofing Verification, Layered Process Audit, RPN Risk Reduction, Standardized Operations and Standardized Operator Training, Contamination Control, Supply Chain Management and Verification Station – that ensure the output of quality products.

Closed loop quality review processes such as LPA, GEMBA Approach that provides quality control checks at each stage of manufacturing

The system enables us sustain a low product price as well as low customer and Internal PPM.
The commitment to manufacturing excellence drives in Divgi-TTS, a sense of learning through a continual process of improvement and evolution.