Divgi-TTS’s Product Engineering Division has a thorough understanding of the technological and mechanical aspects of the entire drivetrain of a vehicle and its impact on vehicle performance. This knowledge, coupled with a deep knowledge of the technologies and dynamics of its products, vehicle architectures – Rear-Wheel Drive and Front-Wheel Drive – and application of the technology to suit customer’s specific requirements lays the foundation for the robust design and development of state-of-the-art solutions. A systematic development approach involves:

  • Concept Layout / Design
  • System Layout
  • Concept Definition
  • Design Engineering
  • Analysis of Functionality
  • Optimization of existing Systems
  • Value Engineering
  • DFM / DFA

The designing is undertaken through systematic steps involving Modeling, Simulation, Stack Analysis, Verification and Validation of the product under design through design intent & process intent sample parts.

Several design development tools are employed for modeling, simulating and validating the design parameters as per the precise specifications required by the customer. Some of the modeling softwares employed are:

  • NX I-deas 6.1 / NX 8.0 (Unigraphics)
  • ProE 2001 / Wildfire 2.0
  • BM Intellistation & HP workstations.
  • HP Plotters (A1 size)

As part of its product development process, Divgi-TTS conducts several evaluation tests for superior dynamic properties on its product designs that are customized to customer-specific applications requirements. Some tests conducted are:

Temperature Stabilization Test; Temperature Stabilization evaluation under various conditions
Dynamometer Durability Test Durability verification for the given torque application
Dynamic Deflection Test Structural Integrity assessment of aluminum castings
Ultimate Strength Test Maximum strength evaluation of Input and output
Lubrication distribution Test Lubricant distribution evaluation at all required locations
NVH Test Noise and vibration level evaluation
Fatigue Test Component level fatigue testing

Divgi-TTS pioneered the design of steel synchronizers in India. Several papers have been presented on this technology by Divgi-TTS at the SAE International (formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers), a U.S.-based, globally recognized professional and standards organization for engineering professionals in the automotive industry.

Specifically on Synchronizers, access to friction material technology from BorgWarner has given Divgi-TTS that technology edge in providing highly specialized synchronizers with significant cost advantages to its customer base.

The Process Engineering Division also has deep understanding of production and assembly processes that are critical to manufacturability of each component of the solution; raw material, dimensional tolerances, suitable machining and manufacturing operations. This knowledge is used to prepare very effective Robust DFM/ DFA processes that would minimize the manufacturing cost of the aggregate product as also wastage and environmental issues.