Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering Division boasts of subject matter experts who have thorough understanding of technological and mechanical aspects of a drivetrain along with in-depth know-how of vehicle architecture (real-wheel drive and front-wheel drive). This knowledge and that of related technologies forms the strong foundation for our robust designs and state-of-the-art solutions. Our systematic development approach involves:

Concept layout / Designing

System layout

Concept definition

Design engineering

Analysis of functionality

Optimization of existing systems

Value engineering



The designing process involves:



Stack analysis

Product verification and validation through design intent and process intent sample parts

We make use of various design development tools for modeling, simulating and validating the design parameters as per specifications. Some of the prominent modeling software employed are:

NX I-deas 6.1 / NX 8.0 (Unigraphics)

ProE 2001 / Wildfire 2.0

BM Intellistation & HP workstations.

HP Plotters (A1 size)


As part of our product development process, we conduct several evaluation tests for superior dynamic properties on our product designs that are customized to customer-specific applications requirements. Here are some of the tests we conduct:

Temperature Stabilization Test Temperature stabilization evaluation under various conditions
Dynamometer Durability Test Durability verification for the given torque application
Dynamic Deflection Test Structural integrity assessment of aluminum castings
Ultimate Strength Test Maximum strength evaluation of input and output
Lubrication Distribution Test Lubricant distribution evaluation at all required locations
NVH Test Noise and vibration level evaluation
Fatigue Test Component level fatigue testing