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NexTrac Interactive Torque Coupler

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The NexTrac® Interactive Torque Coupler is to Front-wheel Drive based All­ wheel Drive vehicles as the Transfer Case is to Rear-wheel Drive based All-wheel Drive vehicles i.e. it senses the torque requirement & transfers the necessary torque to the rear wheels when wheels start slipping on the surface.
The NexTrac® employs the latest generation electro-magnetic actuation system for direct actuation of the primary clutch. The functionality is delivered in conjunction with another complementary unit called the Power Transfer Unit (PTU).


  • Weight: 6-9 kgs & Overall length:180-200 mm
  • Torque: 500 N-m to 1600 N-m
  • Input configuration: Flange, Output configuration: Splines
  • Housing material: Aluminium
  • Shift control: Automatic through ECU, CAN controlled
  • Modes:Auto and "smart" lock system
  • Four-wheel traction in "blink-of-aneye"


Best-in-class: Drag, Size,Mass, Torque
Electronic torque delivery to slipping wheels
Flexible adaptation- Near PTU,CB Joint, Rear differential
Self-contained coil
Preemptive and Reactive/Slip control Torque Management system
Oil Filled for life