Divgi-TTS manufactures all the components and systems in-house at our two TS 16940 Certified manufacturing facilities located in Pune, Maharashtra and Sirsi, Karnataka.

Manufacturing operations undertaken are:




Gear Shaping

Gear Shaving

Gear Tooth Deburring

Spine and Keyway Broaching

Tooth Chamfering

Thread Rolling

Spline Rolling

Bore and OD Grinding

Hard Turning

External and Internal Gear Honing

Finishing operations, assembly and deliveries are managed at the Pune facility.

The Bhosari and Sirsi plants have over 70 best-in-class machines of German, Russian and Indian make, most of them CNC . These machines assure precision and detailing of the highest degree in the manufacturing of products largely used in the transfer case – clutches, flanges/ yokes, gears, reduction sets, and shafts.

At Bhosari, we undertake finishing operations namely the machining of aluminum castings and hard finishing such as grinding and hard turning for the transfer cases. Metal forming and heat treatment requirements are coordinated through a global network of suppliers.

Throughout the machining cycle, quality inspections are preformed after each operation to verify dimensional accuracy. Data is collected and recorded for each machining operation by our Quality Team in accordance with customer requirements and TS 16949.

Here are the measures we take to ensure delivery of superior quality products:

Harmonization of manufacturing processes and programs to achieve optimal resource matching at machine shop for better delivery and quality with cost-efficiency;

Utilization of tools such as PFMEA , control plan, process layouts, SPC & MSA for optimal results;

Meticulous planning through maintenance of route sheets, process monitoring sheets, failure modes and effects analysis studies, inspections, and Poka Yokes.

Testing & Inspection

Divgi-TTS performs first piece, incoming, in-process, and final inspections throughout the entire manufacturing cycle to ensure component quality. All incoming materials (hardware, raw material, and components returning from an outside process) are thoroughly inspected for condition, process specification, and chemical composition before being issued to the machine shop. All reports created during the manufacturing process are retained.

Our Standards Room is equipped with various types of Inspection/ Measuring Equipment that help maintain the quality standards required by TS 16949:

Zeiss make CNC Gear Tester & Contour Tracer

Roundness Tester



Apart from the above, Divgi-TTS has different types of measuring instruments on the manufacturing shop for in-process inspection to detect quality at source. Other non-destructive testing processes such as pressure, vacuum and leak testing are conducted in accordance with customer specifications.

Mechanical Assembly

All assemblies are done at the Bhosari facility. The assembly lines at are semiautomatic with Poka Yokes at various stages. We conduct multi-gauging test for functionality and dimensions checks. Our engineers are qualified and extensively trained to carry out a range of complex assemblies.