Education Partnerships

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS, Pilani)

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS, Pilani) is an Indian institute of higher education and a deemed university that focuses primarily on undergraduate education in engineering and the sciences. The institute was established in 1964 by Shri G.D. Birla, one of India’s eminent industrialists, in his hometown of Pilani, Rajasthan. BITS currently has campuses at Pilani, Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad.

Divgi-TTS has had a long association with BITS, Pilani, renowned for churning out one of India’s best engineering and science talents.

Practice School Internship Program

The Practice School (PS) industrial training program of BITS, Pilani is an off-campus internship program wherein students from all campuses, Pilani, Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad are placed at various industrial houses across India for short durations for a hands-on exposure of the corporate world. It spans the complete spectrum of industry – manufacturing, construction, transportation, banking and finance, information technology, transportation as also research organizations.

Divgi-TTS associates itself with both of the two-step training modules of the program; the PS-1 Program conducted in the 2nd year over a period of 45 days during the summer vacations to acquaint the students with corporate discipline and the PS-2 Program which is a more intense 6-month internship for 3rd year students involving real-life projects ranging from core industry projects to management projects.

During the training, Divgi-TTS provides exceptional exposure to students on modern engineering technologies, world class manufacturing and management practices and the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience. The unbridled ideas that emanate from the young top-of-the-line talented brigade of engineers in areas ranging from operations, manufacturing, engineering and supply chain management are then effectively put into practice as part of Divgi-TTS’s Continual Improvement Process.