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Dual Clutch Transmission

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The 6DCT250 Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) uses two separate wet clutches for odd and even gears in synchromesh. The gears are controlled hydraulically by an Electronic Control Unit which senses gear positioning and shifting.

The 6-speed DCT is designed for handling engine torque capacities between 220 Nm and 270 Nm and is most suitable on sedans and crossover vehicles.


Hydraulic System
Direct controlled Solenoid Valves
Oil Pump Internal gear pump driven by engine
Filter System Pressure filter, suction filter

Electrical / Electronic System
TCU 32 bit Microcontroller MPC5634@60Mhz
1.5MB Flash: 94kB RAM, Emulated EEProm
Standalone solution, TCU mounted in passenger compartment
Analog/Digital/Frequency Inputs
CAN Communication
Software Fully automated DCT control
Teach-in and calibration functions for automated End-of-Line calibration
Automatic calibration and adaption functions for compensation of wearing and serial spread


Drivetrain Front 2WD,
Option: 4WD
Torque Capacity 270 Nm
Gears 6 front, 1 reverse
Total spread, ratio > 6.0, 1st Gear > 16.6
Clutch Nested Wet Dual Clutch
Clutch and Gear actuation Electro hydraulic

Dimensions 365 X 586 X 441 mm
Weight (w/o oil/DMF) 70.6 Kg

Mechanical System
Center Distance 242.8 mm
Center shaft distance 205 mm
Dual use of pinion for gears 2/R, 4/6, 3/5