Corporate Philosophy

  • Vision

    To be recognized as a world-class Indian brand in automotive drivetrain components and systems

  • Mission

    To help our customers and our people continually innovate and excel in building world-class drivetrain components and systems


Respect for Each Other

Work in a climate of openness, trust and cooperation with respect and decency to all embracing the diversity of all people.

Power of Collaboration

Preserve the freedom of one and all while building a strong business through a unity of purpose.

Passion for Excellence

Improve our performance through encouragement of new ideas and attachment of a sense of urgency to every business challenge and opportunity.

Personal Integrity

Demand uncompromising ethical standards in our conduct with a commitment to doing what is right—in good times and in bad, taking accountability for the commitments we make.

Responsibility to Our Communities

Strive to supply goods and services of superior value to our Customers; create jobs that provide meaning for those who do them and to contribute our talents and our wealth generously to the communities in which we do business.