Divgi-TTS, a global product leader in highly engineered automotive powertrain components, brings excellence in torque transfer and transmission synchronization solutions’ execution and quality to the community of OEMs in India and other parts of the globe.

Product Engineering

Divgi-TTS also engages in customization of products through a full-fledged Product Engineering Division capable of designing application-specific products in coordination with the Engineering Departments of OEMs. Technological innovations, such as the introduction of the superior Carbon-Friction lined Steel Synchronizer Ring technology and several application adaptations for the Indian market achieved through the close and involved interactions with BorgWarner and customers such as Tata Motors and Mahindra over two decades of partnership, have provided Divgi-TTS with technological competence in Product Engineering unmatched in the industry.

Process Engineering

Divgi-TTs’ over 50 years of manufacturing expertise in highly-engineered solutions has made it very competent in process engineering elements such as design and development of manufacturing processes, machines, tools and equipment. This competence helps the Process Engineering Division to work hand-in-hand with OEMs, along with the Product Engineering Division, to provide the most efficient and effective, yet most economically engineered solution.


Divgi-TTS’s authority, reinforced by 50+ years of group company, Divgi Metalwares’ authority in the field manufacturing automotive transmission components, extends into the areas of manufacturing of various types of components utilizing varied manufacturing operations. Frugal and lean manufacturing techniques applied at all stages of the operations has enabled Divgi-TTS support customers across geographies – Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, UK, and the USA.

Quality Management Systems

Divgi-TTS has built its entire business model on the foundation of a robust Quality Management Systems as part of its committed efforts to realizing its Vision of “being recognized as a world-class Indian brand in automotive drivetrain components and systems”. Divgi-TTS’s Quality Management System, Divgi-TTS Production System (DiPS) delivers a truly consistent superlative world-class product quality.

Supply Chain Management

Over the years of authority in the execution of end-to-end services, Divgi-TTS has developed a closely-knit community of suppliers, both, domestic as well as international to bring to its customers the best combination of available technologies, quality and price.