The Synchronizer System is a collection of precision-engineered set of metal rings that work in tandem within a manual transmission to provide highly smooth engagement of gears as they are shifted. As the name suggests, these rings synchronize the parts that are spinning at different speeds within the transmission system.

We supply multi-cone steel-based synchronizer systems with carbon lining (single, dual & triple cone) to several leading Indian customers. Recognizing the inherent advantages of steel as a metal for synchronizer rings over brass, Divgi-TTS pioneered the introduction of steel based synchronizer systems in India and currently is the biggest Indian steel synchronizer systems supplier.

Key Features:

Multi-cone Connected Systems

High levels of torque

Reduced gear shift time

Reduced hand ball / actuation loads

Performance advantages in terms of shift quality and refinement

High Mechanical Strength

Heat-treated steel for outer synchronizer rings

High shift force accommodation capacity

Smaller tooth module

Patented ‘Bent Lug’ design

Composite Friction Materials

Improved frictional characteristics

Constant friction levels

No wear of friction materials


Level of friction coefficient μdynamic 0.12 - 0.16
Synchronization Torque High - Improved shift performance - reduced shift times
Rise in Synchronization Torque Quick - High levels of Initial μ
Dynamic / Static Ratio 1 - Optimises shift quality. Reduce risk of ‘wring on’
Long life stability of frictional values No deterioration in shift quality during life
Axial movement of synchronizer Minimal - Reduced wear gap, Shorter shift,
Oil compatibility ATF & MTF
Energy Capacity 1.5 J/mm² @ 5.5 W/mm²
Unit Loading Minimal compressibility @ 15N/mm²