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6 Speed Manual Transmission

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The 6MT400 6-speed Manual Transmission from DivgiWarner is the latest product of DivgiWarner. It has been designed and developed entirely in-house by leveraging all of DivgiWarner’s decades of design and manufacturing experience in the Torque Transfer technology space for the Indian marketplace.

The 6MT400 can engine torque capacities upto a maximum of 400 Nm and is best suited on sedans and crossover vehicles.


Centre Distance: 82/86 mm
Synchronizer Technology: Steel-based, carbon-lined, Single, Dual and Triple Cone Systems
Speed Gears: Heat-treated Chrome Manganese Steel with options of Shaving and Honing
Configuration: 2 Shaft Design


Product Code 6MT400
Product Description 6 Speed Manual Transmission
Maximum Torque Capacity 400 Nm
Speeds 6 Forward and 1 Reverse

1st Gear 4.443
2nd Gear 2.415
3rd Gear 1.596
4th Gear 1.223
5th Gear 1.000
6th Gear 0.806
Reverse Gear 3.938

Gear Layout: