5 Speed Passenger Transmission

Key Features:

Center Distance – 78mm

2 shaft design configuration

All gears helical and hard finished to achieve gear quality of DIN Class 7 or better

Steel synchronizers with carbon lining for superior shift quality

1st & 2nd gear positions – Dual Core

3rd, 4th, 5th & reverse gear positions – Single Cone (Option of Dual Cone for reverse gear position available)

Shaft supported with central roller bearing & deep groove ball bearing

Speed gears are supported by needle roller bearings

Clutch actuated by concentric slave cylinder

Internal shift system uses aluminum forks for better shift quality

Shift shafts are guided using bi-metallic friction brushes

Direct shift mechanism


Product Code 5MT300
Product Description 5-Speed Manual Transmission
Max. Torque Capacity 300 Nm
Speeds 5 Forward & Synchronized Reverse with Shift Interlock

Gear Ratio

1st Gear 4.000
2nd Gear 2.087
3rd Gear 1.379
4th Gear 1.000
5th Gear 0.789
Reverse Gear 3.574